The Little Chapel is a welcoming house of fellowship and healing supporting your journey towards a healthier, happier, more spirit-driven life through God.

The Little Chapel is a house of fellowship

Your life is the first miracle God has granted you, but did you know you are allowed more than one? Join The Little Chapel and claim your right to miraculous personal transformation, a closer connection to God and the release of authentic joy that is possible when the heart is freed by love!


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Healed – Your Miracle Awaits

The messages in this book are really simple. Each message is based on faith and trust which becomes a magnet for miracles. At different times in our life, we come to a place where nothing but a miracle is the answer.

You’re reading this book because it is your time to be set free. The power of the Holy Spirit will engulf you and cause you to be wrapped in His healing power with His unconditional love for you.

The miracles are available to you at this very moment. Expand your vision of the renewal of your body, your mind—and above all—your spirit. God is waiting for you to have FAITH and TRUST solely in Him.

Your miracle awaits…

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