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A few years ago, Sara O’Meara was led by God to write the life-changing book ‘Healed – Your Miracle Awaits’. This book is needed now more than ever and is a beautiful reflection of God’s love for His children and how to navigate life during these trying times. Underwritten by Sara’s dear friends, Jim and Carol Hebets, and published by a world-renowned speaker and best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen – the messages in the book are powerful, based on faith and trust, which becomes a magnet for miracles.

Sara O’Meara shares, “Let me tell you my real motive and reason to have this book written in the first place. I want you to listen. As I keep saying over and over, I want to be helpful. People right now are so in the dark. I know, and you know, God has great things planned. He’s going to take away this darkness, and the light is going to shine forth like we have never seen before. There has to be darkness before we can see the light. God cares about us all. He cares about each person as an individual. Open your heart, pray, and listen. The people who make time for God and give Him all the glory, it changes their life. And that’s what I’m here for on this earth. I am to help uplift people, to help them understand how much God loves them. And that healing is there for them. That’s why I’m interested in you reading this book.

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Meaningful Words from Sara O’Meara …

“People come from all over the world to attend The Little Chapel services. I truly wish everyone with a need to heal could make the journey. I realize that isn’t possible, so I wanted to bring the sermon to each of you, to experience a taste of The Little Chapel experience through this book. I know the power of the Holy Spirit flows anywhere at any time so if these words speak to you, please pay attention. Know that God knows what you need right now in this very moment, so be open to any messages He wants you to receive.” 

“When people tell me they want to learn to pray like I pray, I gently suggest that they follow the example of Jesus He gives us in the Bible. They’ve got to go to God and tell Him what they feel, and what they want. And ask what does He want for their life? That’s the main thing. We’re so busy telling Him what we want and what’s going wrong, we don’t leave any time for His answer. I think it’s wonderful that people have become much more attuned to meditation in our society. It’s a very effective way of receiving God’s messages.” 

“The testimonials that take place at each Little Chapel service are an important part of people’s healing. Hearing about someone else’s healing experience buoys the faith of others to receive theirs. I ask God continually to help me facilitate an environment where His healing love and light can be felt. As I said before, God and the faith of the healed do the healing, not I.”

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See How God Has Healed Others

“Oh, God, this is me, Sara. I’m here,” I told Him. “You see I’m here ready to give my testimony. Just as I was having my private conversation with God, Kathryn Kuhlman walked to the edge of the stage and pointed at me. “The girl in the red dress in the back, would you make way for her to come forward, please? The glory of God is all over her. She is being saved for a very special purpose.”

Sara O'Meara, Testimonial

“I really did not know God until I came to your service. I thought I did, but I found God through your service.”

Reverend Mark Johnson, Testimonial

“My cup runneth over with the blessing of Sara and Yvonne, by their 45 years of faithfulness, having these chapel services where thousands of people can come and find Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Little Chapel isn’t just a place for physical healing. Families have been restored, lives changed, finances restored, and mostly HOPE and JOY comes in the morning.”

Dru Hammer, Testimonial

“It was early in 2011 that I discovered I had the beginning stages of cancer in my uterus. When I went to my gynecologist after many attempts to stop the cancer, he finally said that it was continuing, so we needed to do a hysterectomy. The Little Chapel was a few weeks away, and so I filled out my prayer request card and prayed that God would grace me with this healing. Sara did call out cancer, so I did stand with others in hopes that God was, like she has always said, able to heal us all! Of course, I didn’t feel anything, but I did make an appointment with my doctor again so that I could see what God really wanted me to do. I had the test again and then went back for the results soon after. The nurse came into the room and sat down, not the doctor but the nurse. She looked at me with a strange look on her face and said, “Your cancer is gone.” My heart skipped a beat, and I could hardly believe it myself. I know what God can do, and I also know that not everyone is healed in the way we expect, but this was a miracle to me.”

Jill Babb, Testimonial

We went to the Christmas Little Chapel service, and Sara had a wonderful message for us. We were to open our hearts because God had a mission for us to accomplish together. She said we must trust. We both began to question, but then we remembered a service when Sara said, ‘When you are given a miracle or another chance, hang on to it. If you say it’s not going to work, or it didn’t happen to me, you let it go.’ The light of God was over us as she spoke to us, and in our hearts, we felt the words she said were true. One by one, as the weeks followed, miracle after miracle began to occur. Not only did our marriage heal, but also other miracles began to happen.”

Jim & Carol Hebets, Testimonial

“In the Chapel service, Sara said God is going to heal spines today. I couldn’t raise my hand quickly enough. Sara said, ‘There is someone that is having great heat in their spine area.’ I felt I was burning up, so I knew she was talking about me. She had me stand up and touch my toes. I had no pain, and to this day, my pain is gone. I don’t mind being called ‘The Miracle Hog.’ In fact, many times, people ask why my friends call me this, and it gives me an opportunity to tell them about how good God is. I invite them to come to The Little Chapel, but the choice is theirs to make. Choices make the difference in our lives. Choices can create a life of negativity and pain or a life of unlimited joy.”

Michelle Singleton, Testimonial

“Being healed from prostate cancer now includes the health of my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. Any healing I have experienced bears His artistry. Sara O’Meara and the congregants of The Little Chapel have been my guides. I no longer feel that my relationship with Christ has that arm’s length feel. His embrace has allowed me to turn away from disease and sickness. I know I grew up Catholic and have some lingering symptoms. One example is that I suffer from an occasional feeling that real churches are old stone, ivy covered affairs that look genuinely uninviting from the outside. So, I rebelled against the “branch” churches where you watch your minister on the jumbo-tron as he or she delivers a sermon from the “main campus.” I find those experiences a little impersonal. While The Little Chapel is not an old stone building, it does deliver “personal” in a big way. I have walked away from some church experiences resolved that God wasn’t in attendance. Not so at The Little Chapel. God is there and we have felt His presence.”

Jack, Testimonial

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